The journey towards fulfilment, happiness and success is both exciting and daunting but ultimately rewarding!

The Company “GB+” is the brain child of Celeste-Marie Valentine, Personal Life Stylist; fashion stylist, beauty therapist, make-up artist and life coach. Through her own personal journey of change, Celeste-Marie wishes to share the journey of transformation and personal growth that gave birth to the company and the services it now delivers.
Having worked in the film industry both locally and abroad, it was Celeste-Marie’s job was to make people look beautiful, yet she did not feel beautiful herself. She was obese, tried to hide herself from the world by wearing bland clothing and concealing her emotions behind a mask of contentment. It wasn’t until she heard about Gastric Bypass Surgery and the benefits thereof that she could fully admit that she needed a life change, so she decided to undergo the procedure herself. Just nine months after the surgery Celeste-Marie had lost an amazing 52.5kg and nine dress sizes! She has achieved her goal weight and is now on the maintenance program!

Celeste-Marie now enjoys renewed confidence, vim and vigour and the weight loss has re-ignited her passion for life.

Incorporating her flair for fashion and applying newly adopted life-skills which she infuses with her styling, Celeste-Marie is thus able to offer a completely comprehensive service that prepares one for the surgery, the make-over and ultimately a successful transition to a healthier lifestyle.

Admittedly, it was an overwhelming experience and she no longer has to hide behind either bland clothes nor put on a facade any longer. Celeste-Marie now celebrates life and the wide range of choices she now enjoys. It was this realisation that made her
create a service aimed at assisting individuals undertaking the same life changing process, to discover the joy of life, fashion, style and beauty. Importantly, Celeste-Marie is a Life-Skills coach so she enhances the experience by bringing these fundamental skills to
the table and incorporating them into her work and what
she can deliver.

You too can enhance your life by saying goodbye to the old and hello to the new you!
Allow Celeste-Marie Valentine to assist you in the next phase of your transformation and to bring the joy of life, style and beauty back into your life so that you may make the most of your true potential. Whether it be for a full lifestyle change, make-over, fashion styling, she is here to guide and mentor you and to enhance all that is you.
The decision has been made, the commitment to the journey started and now it is time to reward yourself, spoil yourself and truly
enjoy yourself!